J, Justin Timberlake

Mirrors, Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake - Mirrors lyrics
And I'll tell you baby it was easy
Comin' back into you once I figured it out
You were right here all along
Cause I don't wanna lose you now
I'm lookin' right at the other half of me

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W, Wiz Khalifa

See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth), Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa - See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth) lyrics
When I see you again
It's been a long day without you my friend
Oh I'll tell you all about it when I see you again

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S, Sam Smith

I'm Not The Only One, Sam Smith

Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One lyrics
I know I'm not the only one
'Cause you don't think I know what you've done lyrics
You say I'm crazy
But when you call me "baby"

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R, Rihanna

What's my name (feat. Drake), Rihanna

Rihanna - What's my name (feat. Drake) lyrics
Ooh na na what's my name
Ooh na na na na
I need a boy to take it over
Oooooh oooooh
Cause you just my type


M, Michael Jackson

Beat It, Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson - Beat It lyrics
No one wants to be defeated
Showin' how funky strong is your fighter
Just beat it beat it beat it beat it
It doesn't matter who's wrong or right
Just beat it beat it

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H, happysad

Długa droga w dół, happysad

happysad - Długa droga w dół lyrics
Ile Cię trzeba dotknąć razy żeby się człowiek poparzył?
Niewiasty nosisz imię
Żeby już więcej nie miał odwagi
Żeby już więcej za nic
O udupienie totalne

L, Linkin Park

What I've done, Linkin Park

Linkin Park - What I've done lyrics
What I've done
I’ll face myself
And let go of what I've done lyrics
To cross out what I've become
Erase myself

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D, Dwa plus jeden

Chodź pomaluj mój świat, Dwa plus jeden

Dwa plus jeden - Chodź pomaluj mój świat lyrics
Na żółto i na niebiesko
Malowana twoją kredką
Więc chodź pomaluj mi życie
Niech świat mój się zarumieni
Więc chodź pomaluj mój świat

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R, Roxette

It Must Have Been Love, Roxette

Roxette - It Must Have Been Love lyrics
It must have been love but it's over now
It must have been good but I lost it somehow
It's where the water flows it's where the wind blows
It's all that I wanted now I'm living without
From the moment we touched 'til the time had ran out

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M, Michael Jackson

Give In To Me, Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson - Give In To Me lyrics
Give in to me
Quench my desire
Love is a feeling
Talk to me woman
Give it when I want it


R, Rotten Bark

King Of The Disco, Rotten Bark

Rotten Bark - King Of The Disco lyrics
I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna
Be a king of the disco!
I’m dancing all night long my shirt is getting wet
But now it’s stupid closing time and I feel so sad
(I’m on a dance floor I’m drinking beer I don’t take drugs but I’m gonna be a King!) lyrics

S, Shakira

Gypsy, Shakira

Shakira - Gypsy lyrics
I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me
And I won't cry I'm too young to die if you're gonna quit me
'Cause I'm a gypsy
'Cause I'm a gypsy are you coming with me? lyrics
And I won't back down 'cause life's already bit me

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S, Sting

Shape of my heart ver II, Sting

Sting - Shape of my heart  ver II lyrics
I know that the clubs are weapons of war
I know that the spades are the swords of a soldier lyrics
I know that diamonds mean money for this art
But that's not the shape of my heart
That's not the shape shape of my heart

A, Alicia Keys

Girl On Fire, Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire lyrics
This girl is on fire
She's walking on fire
And we're not coming down
Everybody stands as she goes by
Oh got our head in the clouds

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S, Sylwia Grzeszczak

Pożyczony, Sylwia Grzeszczak

Sylwia Grzeszczak - Pożyczony lyrics
Na choćby jeden krótki dzień
Nie pożyczaj go
I noc
Na parę chwil pożyczę Cię
I obiecuję że w idealnym stanie oddam Cię


Pozostali, 2Pac

Ghetto Gospel, 2Pac

2Pac - Ghetto Gospel lyrics
[Chorus - Elton John]
I refuse to be a role model lyrics
I set goals take control drink out my own bottle
I make mistakes I learn from everyone


K, Kamil Bednarek

Chodź ucieknijmy..., Kamil Bednarek

Kamil Bednarek - Chodź ucieknijmy... lyrics
chodź ucieknijmy stąd
Ty i ja - wulkany dwa
nie musimy słuchać innych
czuję to całym ciałem - chcę być silny
że nie musimy udowadniać sobie kto był winny


G, Guano Apes

Open Your Eyes, Guano Apes

Guano Apes - Open Your Eyes lyrics
Dream and search forever
Hide your face forever
Really better than the rest
You realized there's a problem lyrics
Do you think that you are better


J, Jason Derulo

Wiggle feat Snoop Dogg, Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo - Wiggle  feat Snoop Dogg lyrics
Wiggle wiggle wiggle
Wiggle wiggle wiggle (Wiggle wiggle wiggle)
Now make it clap lyrics
Wiggle wiggle wiggle (Shaked shaked girl)
Go head and go ham sandwich


A, Alyssa Reid

Alone again, Alyssa Reid

Alyssa Reid - Alone again lyrics
How do I get you alone?
And now it chills me to the bone
I never really cared until I met you
Till now I always got by on my own


A, Alicia Keys

If I Ain't Got You, Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You lyrics
If it ain't you baby
But I don't want nothing at all lyrics
If I ain't got you baby
Some people want diamond rings
But everything means nothing lyrics

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D, Dżem

Tylko Ty i Ja, Dżem

Dżem - Tylko Ty i Ja lyrics
Tylko Ty Tylko Ja
Boisz się więc
Ja i Ty
Tylko Ty Tylko Ja i Ty lyrics
powiedz że nie boisz się

K, Katy Perry

Unconditionally, Katy Perry

Katy Perry - Unconditionally lyrics
I will love you unconditionally
Let go and just be free
Unconditional unconditionally lyrics
Open up your heart and just let it begin
There is no fear now


B, Black Eyed Peas

Where is the love, Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas - Where is the love lyrics
Where is the love (The love)
Where is the love
Send us some guidance from above
Father Father Father help us
[Justin Timberlake (BEP)]


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