D, David Guetta

Titanium (Feat.Sia), David Guetta

David Guetta - Titanium (Feat.Sia) lyrics
I am titanium
But I won't fall
You shoot me down
Far away far away
Ricochet you take your aim

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A, Awolnation

Sail, Awolnation

Awolnation - Sail lyrics
SAIL! x 5
Blame it on my ADD baby
Lalalalala Lalalalalaoooo
Sail with me sail with me


W, Whitney Houston

I will always love you, Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston - I will always love you lyrics
I will always love you
And I will always love you lyrics
And I wish to you joy and happiness
And I hope you have all you've dreamed of
I hope life treats you kind

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M, Melanie Fiona

Monday Morning, Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona - Monday Morning lyrics
Monday morning
And if I ever see ya
But if you stay I'll leave ya
My heart is gonna bleed
But I'm leaving either way

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L, Lifehouse

Everything, Lifehouse

Lifehouse - Everything lyrics
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this
And how can I stand here with you
And not be moved by you
You're all I need
You're all I want


N, Naughty Boy

La La La feat. Sam Smith, Naughty Boy

Naughty Boy  - La La La  feat. Sam Smith lyrics
La la na na la la la la la na na na na na
I'm turning up the volume when you speak
Cause if my heart can't stop it I'll find a way to block it I go
Na na la la la la la na na na na na
When your words mean nothing I go la la la

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S, Sasha Strunin

Zaczaruj mnie ostatni raz, Sasha Strunin

Sasha Strunin - Zaczaruj mnie ostatni raz lyrics
Mocno przytul moją dłoń i jak we mgle
Jeszcze ten ostatni raz odpłynąć chcę
Zaczaruj mnie ostatni raz zaczaruj mnie
Albo milcz!

J, Jessie Ware

Say You Love Me, Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware  - Say You Love Me lyrics
If you don't wanna try
But all that I've been thinking of
Won't you stay?
'Cause I don't wanna fall in love
Is maybe that you mine


M, Myslovitz

Długość dźwięku samotności, Myslovitz

Myslovitz - Długość dźwięku samotności lyrics
Przede mną droga którą znam
Nie zmienię się to nie mój świat
I nawet kiedy będę sam
Którą ja wybrałem sam
Chemiczny świat pachnący szarością

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A, Amy MacDonald

Slow it down, Amy MacDonald

Amy MacDonald - Slow it down lyrics
Driving too fast
Burning out rubber
Back to the moment the very start
From the very first day you had my heart
But I got to slow right down

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J, Jula & Fabisz

Tamten dzień, Jula & Fabisz

Jula & Fabisz - Tamten dzień lyrics
Ref: lyrics
Jeden ruch rozdzielił nas na wieki
Jeden gest był niepotrzebny nie zaprzeczysz
Tamten dzień rozdzielił nas na zawsze lyrics
Tamten dzień oszukal moją wyobraźnię


E, Ellie Goulding

Lights, Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding - Lights lyrics
Lights lights lights lights
You shine it when I'm alone
You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
And dreaming when they're gone

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L, Lifehouse

You and Me, Lifehouse

Lifehouse - You and Me lyrics
And it's you and me and all of the people
Cause it's you and me and all of the people
And I don't know why I can't keep my eyes off of you lyrics
What day is it
With nothing to do nothing to prove

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Dancing queen, ABBA

ABBA - Dancing queen lyrics
Dig in the dancing queen
You can dance you can jive
See that girl watch that scene
Having the time of your life
Feel the beat from the tambourine oh yeah

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L, Linkin Park

Crawling, Linkin Park

Linkin Park - Crawling lyrics
Fear is how I fall
These wounds they will not heal
Crawling in my skin
Confusing what is real
To find myself again


T, The Kelly Family

I can't help myself, The Kelly Family

The Kelly Family - I can't help myself lyrics
And I love you I want you I want to talk to you
I am going crazy
I wanna be with you lyrics
I wanna to be with you

G, Gnarls Barkley

Crazy, Gnarls Barkley

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy lyrics
I think you're crazy lyrics
Does that make me crazy?
My heroes had the heart to live out on a limb
Just like me
Well lyrics

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J, Justin Bieber

Somebody to love, Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber - Somebody to love lyrics
I need somebody I-I need somebody
I just need somebody to love
(Somebody to love)
I-I don’t need too much lyrics
Just somebody to love

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Drive by, TRAIN

TRAIN - Drive by lyrics
Oh I swear to you
I'll be there for you
Just a shy guy
this is not a drive by-y-y-y-y
When you move me


S, Safura

Drip Drop (Eurowizja 2010 Azerbejdżan), Safura

Safura - Drip Drop (Eurowizja 2010 Azerbejdżan) lyrics
These teardrops
Oh Oh
Can I trust in you forever through this? lyrics
Can I love you forever through this?
That drip drop drip drop


M, Monika Brodka

Granda, Monika Brodka

Monika Brodka - Granda lyrics
Raz dwa trzy cztery pięć
Dwa trzy cztery pięć
Nie polubię cię jak powiedzieć prościej?
Zbliżysz się o krok porachuje kości
Zbliżysz się o krok porachuję kości


R, Ray Charles

Hit the Road Jack, Ray Charles

Ray Charles - Hit the Road Jack lyrics
No more no more no more no more
Hit the Road Jack and don't you come back
Hit the Road Jack and don't you come back no more
What'd you say?
I have to pack my things and go (that's right)

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B, Boys

Szalona, Boys

Boys - Szalona lyrics
Ty się śmiałaś zawsze no i cześć
II Na pożegnanie dajesz mi uśmiech swój
Jesteś szalona x2
Gdy odchodzisz wszystko burzy się lyrics
REF: Jesteś szalona mówię ci x4

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B, BassHunter

Every Morning, BassHunter

BassHunter - Every Morning lyrics
There is one girl in my life that makes me love again
and she glourious
As pretty as a girl could be so beautiful lyrics
Oh baby I want you to stay in my life
Never say goodbye even if you cry im still by your side

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