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Heaven lyrics, Bel Canto


So inaccessable.
Who blew the torch out?
Who blew the torch out?
He cast the boat adrift across the lit ocean to meet the one he loved.
And so it was that heaven raged.
He crashed against the reckless waves as the thunder cracked...
Oh, who blew?

Now she stands there on the shore in quiet torment.
She knows...

You... my endless horizon.
For it must be that heaven will join us.
Oh angel, won't you rescue him?
It's way too dark for him to swim.
Won't you take him to me, won't you
Now she stands there all alone.
Her eyes they wander into the blue.
You... my endless horizon.
So let it be that heaven will join us one day.
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  • once times appears It's way too dark for him to swim lyrics.
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