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Dream Of Thee lyrics, Brian May


The sun too soon lost his light
And on my shoulder I look for thee
But clouds that gathered in the night
Have taken thee from me

And how shall I live through the shadows
And how shall I sleep in the night
Until out hearts set us free
I must not dream of thee

Be strong my love while we're apart
And know the love that I keep for thee
Is safe and secret in my heart
Lest thou shouldst dream of me

When lovers forget to blow kisses
And children no longer can dream
And lifeless the waters and silent the streams
And the stars lose their silvery gleam

Why then my lost love we'll see
I shall not dream of thee

When freedom is only a memory
And laughter is way out of style
And time now can spare on the face of the fair
Mona Lisa, no trace of a smile

Why then be sure love that I'll
No longer dream of thee

Shall I not dream of thee
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