C, Circus Contraption

Nickelodeon lyrics, Circus Contraption


Drop a nickel in
Give me a whirl
Turn my crank
I'm your kind of girl
You'll want to catch my number
again and again
I'm your Nickelodeon

Peek behind the curtain
Get a surprise
I'll sing you a lullaby
to pull you inside
Grab the brass ring
I'll give you a thrill
I'm your Nickelodeon
So, C'mon Big Daddy

Don't make me feel bad
Are you listening?
I'm ringing your bell
A tabernacle choir
in a 4 alarm fire
I know you wanna --
it's easy to tell!
So, step right up
and have no fear
I'll whisper sweet nothings
into your ear
Your nightly addiction
Your forbidden sin
I'm your Nickelodeon
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