D, Daniel Powter

Song 6 lyrics, Daniel Powter


Now who did you ever want to be
the snap shot of the girl in Tuscany
I didn't know or recommend at the time
you're acting out of line
and I don't need you any more
cause seeing something new is what I'm hoping for
I'm going to lose and go for a ride
asuming that I've got time

So let's lie in the sun
You didn't want the world to know
But I'm not strong and you'll find out
how your girl likes rock 'n' roll
so let's groove and get high
You know you better come and get right
I don't know the question life
But the best comes back tonight

If it's good, that you're gone
You hoping you don't stay to long
You taking like a fool better man
You taking like a fool tonight
And some good, some bad
am sticking to the fight we had
You taking like a fool better man
You taking like a fool in love


We would be alright
Some time I'm go long
and some time I 'm go to be another pole
And we'll go to be alright, and I´m what time ...
I'm could all, I'm could all



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