D, DJ Antoine

Tokyo lyrics, DJ Antoine


What happened last nigh
I don't know
But it got a little crazy
Down in tokyo
Nobody has to know
What happened
Last night in tokyo
Go to japan

Bouncing to the beat
As i'm walking
Down the street
Hitting every bar we meet
I'm gonna put on a show
Imma drop it down low
Like they do in tokyo
Dancing in the dark
Got my body shaking
You take me to the start
You got me crazy
Can't remember where
All of this started
What happened
Last night , last night

Girl ya catch my drift
Everybody got a life
Only half might live
And the fast life is
Full of high prices
Where my girl and her girl
Gotta math my whip
And the ice in my cup
Gotta match my wrist
I'm just cool like that
And they're not like this
Be real every girl
Wants a man like this
That could talk like that
And could dance like this
I'm ,ill' ,pass the courvoisier
Starting to get
A lil' naughty aye
Wake up in the morning like
I paritied way too hard
I forgot what happened
Last night
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  • Two times times appears What happened lyrics.
  • once times appears And the ice in my cup lyrics.
  • once times appears Gotta match my wrist lyrics.
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