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Give Me The Ball lyrics, Eminem


Ayo, let me tell you about my homies, haha

My name is chauncey billups and im kinda like a raunchey phillips-
screwdriver, my crews live-er when you cant sleep
and youre still up. i get the ball and im like rip
you cant get a grip, you probably got stripped.
wanna rumble? no reason to trip
i grab it like gnarles barkley holds a mic
your snarles spark me,i smile like charles barkley
cmon im hard, gaurd me
aint doing it, persuiting no law suits
i aint suing, i know what im doing
give me the ball, and your life is ruined
im like rasheed, i remind me of the spirit of proof
im happy-go-lucky, fall in a grove, and im on the move
im smooth with it, give me the ball, you dont know what to do with it
shoot it in the basket, you other teams need a casket
lebrons head dont respond, theres no back-and-forth
this game is mental man, i play it loud, just walk away
and hush the crowd, you trying to touch? sit down

detroit basketball
now homie i told you this is
detroit basketball
man i dont think youre ready

i get the crowd rawled up like a u-haul truck
just call me 2 ball chuck
aint too tall, what?
ill leave utah stuffed
man i love this game, who the hell you called up
you need points on the paint,
im in joints when they state
all my coins in the bank
(i get money..)
and were going all the way
yeah baby its true, im talking to you
you already know what to do
just pass it to me, it just so happens to be,
that i adapt when theres heat, so strap in your seat
i got a grasp on this beat, you aint convinced?
give it to taysean prince, we havent stayed calm since
leave the ball with delayed palm prints
now homie this is...

detroit basketball
now homie i told you this is
detroit basketball
man i dont think youre ready

we get everybody involved...
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  • Four times times appears detroit basketball lyrics.
  • Two times times appears man i dont think youre ready lyrics.
  • Two times times appears now homie i told you this is lyrics.
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