G, Galahad

Sleepers lyrics, Galahad


Hiding in the the Catacombs
Lying low in the labyrinths
Beneath the shattered city streets
The sleepers lie in wait
Taking improbable chances
When opportunities arise
Pitching wits against selected hits
Never toeing olliciallines

Infiltrate. agitate, exacerbate, manipulate
Eradicate, decimate, retaliate, annihilate

We will never surrender !

Men, Women and Children
From every walk of life
Using any means available with which to fight
Proudly preserving the integrity of their nation
'Vichy' France could never be our ultimate identitY

Invalidate, facilitate, emancipate, consolidate
Identify, rectify, pacify, unify

Our spirit never shall be broken !

Watch out !
Take cover !
Someone's been talking
They're on their way
They're armed to the teeth
Machine guns on motor bikes
A Panzer division
Crawling with soldiers in broad daylight
No subtlety here
Our daily injection of fear

I want you to search
Every nook and cranny high and low
To flush out these rebels and deal with them
Quick return once again to the secret passages
Candlelight in hand, Safe and Sound, Gone to Ground
Keep the noise down... Sssh !
Outmanoeuvred once again
Ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! hee ! hee ! hee ! hee ! hee !
We will yet be free!
Foiled again, foiled again
You've been recalled again

Gabardines and Greatcoats
Mingle in the shadows
Animated figures, of dubious origins
Loiter in the corners
Looking for the fallers
Stench of cigarettes hangs heavy in the air
Stella slips slowly through nervous throats
Who is who ? Nobody knows
Who is who ? Nobody knows

Informers, incognito
Heroes and martyrs to be
Shuffle, avoiding the enemy
Everybody is under cover
Everyone is wary of each other
Who is who ? Nobody knows
Who is who ?

Another pale moon rises
Another blood red sun sets
Another hard day gone
Another nervous night to come
Survival guaranteed
At least until tomorrow
Who knows what a new dawn will bring
A New Era ?

All becomes clearer...
In the end...
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