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Time to Dream lyrics, Greenslade


Hey but you're lovely and since I'm sincere
I must warn you my heart cannot make up its mind why you're here

Sit there if you've nothing to do
I'm so very much in love but not too very much with you
All I need is what I see, I'm free when I'm away from home

I'm lonely and what is that perfume you're wearing
Forgive me for staring you you remind me of someone I know

It's your move now and what's it to be
If I said I loved you would you then help me
All I need is what I feel
I'm there but it's not real
Not like at home

My but you're heaven but I never do encores
I think it's pretentious, pretending to end for applause

What's your name, I've forgotten again
I'm in for all infinity and out of my brain
Is your coda near the end, my friends want to go back home

You're lovely if only the year was our own
We could make the nights longer but the song didn't give me much time to dream
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