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Hide your face forever
Dream and search forever

Have you ever been for sale?
When your isms get smart
Oh so selfish and mindless
With that comment in your eye
Do you think that you are hard?
Really harder than the others
Man you're acting cold
If you are not in charge
Don't split your mentality
Without thinking twice
Your voice has got no reason
Now is the time to face your lies

Open your eyes, open your mind
Proud like a god don't pretend to be blind
Trapped in yourself, break out instead
Beat the machine that works in your head

Will you offer me some tricks
If I ever need them
Would you go into that room
If I call 'em
Do you think that you are better
Really better than the rest
You realized there's a problem
I know that you can give your best
Have you ever had a dream?
Or is life just a trip?
A trip without chances
A chance to grow up quick


Hide your face forever
Dream and search forever
Night and night you feel nothing
There's no way outside of my land

REFREN x2...
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