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Hateful lyrics, Hardcore Superstar


I've never seen you look so bad
I's been a long time since we had a good laugh
It's time to make amends
I do it cause I care about you
It's all fantasies, nothing we've said
But people talk and wish we've never met
It's when you feel way behind
They pick up everything one of a kind

I hate to bring you down
The Horror of them all

All the Time
Bring me down
All the time

To see it different is to see it so clear
They know your weakness, that's your greatest fear
It's when you feel way behind
They pick up everything in my mind
You're quite confusing, it's hard to believe
I feel weird I gotta wipe those tears
I feel it coming I think I can see
It's not you I'm talking about Me

You love to bring me bown
The horror of them all
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  • Two times times appears It's when you feel way behind lyrics.
  • Two times times appears Hateful lyrics.
  • once times appears You're quite confusing it's hard to believe lyrics.
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