I, Izzy Stradlin

Ride On lyrics, Izzy Stradlin


Say good lookin
yea real fine baby
said good lookin'
watcha say maybe
u and me
sailin' deep, huh
ride on baby

I heard ya been bitter
'bout your old friend bitchin'
if it'll make you feel better
well take a ride into the weather
u and me sailin' deep, huh
ride on baby
damn good lookin'
say ya real fine baby
I'm packin for a runnin'
past the city limits
u and me
sailin' free
u and me
ridin' free
ride on baby
Frequently appearing in the song Ride On lyrics:
  • Three times times appears ride on baby lyrics.
  • Three times times appears u and me lyrics.
  • once times appears say ya real fine baby lyrics.
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