K, Khorey

Marilyn Monroe (cover) lyrics, Khorey


Growing up from nothing, stayed wanting as a child.
I still feel helpless, still searching for a smile.
Memories of the fights still hurt me bad..
fist,knives,and blood between mom and dad.
As a kid, who do you root for?
when both are the people you love most and adore.
Ran and hid hoping that they'd never find me.
tears rushing down my cheeks asking "why me?"
At night it was the sky I would look up to..
sayin "God, if you love me like they say you do...
you wont wake me in the morning, let me come with you.
Thanks for this life but ive had enough, im through.
6 years old, and everything would stress me..
depress me..never saw the best me.|
Pack my bags every night so I could run away,
the fear of the unknown made me wanna stay.
I feel ive got the worst cards to be dealt.
My heart melts through the lyrics, im felt.
With my pen I can find my release.
of the infliction of the pain inside of me.
Now that Im older, I still feel grief..of the childhood I feel died, Rest In Peace.
Cant trust a man or a friend with my secrets,
so I make up lies and hide my regrets.
I feel like everyone can see straight through me.
like my eyes playing out like a movie.
How can get past the hurt and the anger when i still see in the mirror a stranger?
What do i do? where do i go? whos the real me? do you know?
will it get better in the end? when will my good life begin?
My fears made it hard for me to really love.
Lack affection dont want kisses, no hugs.
Scared that everyone is gonna leave..
introductions have become my pet peeve.
Still living in the ghetto, low income. No dad just a really strong good mom.
One day ima be alright
and my dreams are gonna come true not only at night.
For my family I try to be strong
but this hurt has been haunting me for way too long.
I want it gone.
This music has become my outlet,
they say you fall so you can rise but i aint stood up yet.
Im looking forward to the better days when i can say
"my past made me the woman I am today."
Until then I'll keep working to the top, my futures in my hands so i just cant stop.
No longer live my life in silence..wash my memory of the violence..
prayers for strength and for guidance, i know God is beside us.
If youre listening to these words, dont have pity for me.
I just needed someone to hear the real KHOREY, my real story!
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