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Two Fathers lyrics, Kinderen


We live in a terrace house
We have nice stuff at home
We live there quite ok with three of us together
Bas works for the newpaper
And Diederik is laboratorian
They adopted me when i was one year old
Im still the only child
But that's ok with me
The way i get all the attention and love from those two
Bas brings me to school
with Diederik play violin
and with three of us we watch soaps on TV

I have two fathers
Two real fathers
sometimes cool and sometimes strict
but it's going great with us
I have two fathers
two real fathers
who, if they have to
both can be my mother

When i have to go to bed
Diederik cheks my homework
and Bas does the dishes or is doing laundry
and if im ill or have a fever
then there's is nobody i know
who can be so caring as Diederik or Bas

Sometimes i get bullied at school
Of course it's not nice
your parents, they are homo
they find it strange
Then i just shrug my shoulders
So What ! Im their son
Its not ordinary
But for me, it's quite ok
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