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Braat lyrics, Nicki Minaj


Tell this bitches that I'm not the one,
Some of them might get away, but I'm poppin one,
I'm on the back of the bike just cocking guns,
German helmet pumps and versace stunts,
I am the ninja,
Bitch named ginger,
Hope somebody got a couple limbs they can lend ya,
Cause I'm the president,
Run up in ya resident,
Say hello to the baddest bitch you ever met,
Braat, 6x
Sawdoff followed by the mobs bird pump,
When I come threw it get hotter than a soup kitchen,
I leave clips in ya head like a beautician,
I hit one,
You hit one,
That means to alive,
And if they come back to Queens that's a Suicide,
I got some killas better tell these bitches who am I,
In Italy already chillin with the tour guide.
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