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It's My Party lyrics, Nicki Minaj


When I shout my niggas out...
Come on...
Come on...
Them motherfuckers hells...
Nicki Maraj...
Skie buggi...
New star...
A my niggas seven up in seven hundred track now...
Yo, yo...
I saw the bins weg in a back with a saqin now hoes the doef ya bitches be plabis wegis,
Same girl from the black who yousted jump rose now,
I rocked the lamy promise in stayes from coke buy'a,
Hoes still tryna quess who's po prada,
I'm tryna give ya a new tracka like have a plaza,
When is make mother, catch mami an Bahamy's,
Step in bahada mama's is every coke in ya cokes,
Every hoe wanna pause like Nicki a flow sick,
I'm so sick,
How'd no coosy,
Girls so peek,
Look at your clothes fifty,
Gadamn is so pretty,
I tell'em hoes enough my shit, you know?
I rob bad them dudes, get off them bricks, you know?
The quater them eighty, get off them six, you know?
You know?
Niggas wanna prathis, bitches can't enough this chick,
Brick gay somebody, no picked, about this bitch,
You can catch enjoy a five wo six,
Slow weeks, gets big, do a Gucci slich,
Never late's bitches ate me,
Always keepings twenty- two jam me, talking the same Amy's...
Nicki ice creams,
Brings cannot track,
The badder pee guns,
Two years an of,
Versace suit,
When the hit me tack,
Hoes's, hate me,
So I am sleep too much,
As so good,
Niggas love me in no hood like neels, so wrong,
Christian Dior,
To many bitches got Shannell long,
I'm in the class by myself,
In the sea y'all,
Cause the twenty's, bad for my hall,
And I don't fuck to cross cause the bad for my wells now.
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