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Love More lyrics, Nicki Minaj


Yo, he don't know me, but he settin up to blow me, uh,
Said my Twitter pics remind him of Naomi, uh,
On the low, I used to holla at his Homie, uh,
Fuck it now I'm about to ride him like a pony, yeah,
Okay, thug prolly, you come polly,
He wanna fuck a bad dolly and pop Molly,
I hope your pockets got a motherfucking pot belly,
Or is it that you never ball?John Salley,
He had the rolls in his royce,
The tone in his voice,
Don't wan't a good girl,
Now hoes is his choice,
Dick on H,
Pussy on W,
Mouth wide open,
Ass on smother you,
Ass on the cover too,
Elle magazine,
Vroom, vroom, vroom,
Get gasoline!
Could I be you wife?
Now we could bang though,
I got these niggas whipped,
Call me Dj Ango.
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  • once times appears Elle magazine lyrics.
  • once times appears Ass on smother you lyrics.
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