O, Orla Gartland

Jealous lyrics, Orla Gartland


You locked me up
And out of sight
A daughter lost
There's always
A twist in the fairytale
I was never young

You cast your gaze
Upon my skin
Your blood red lips
Are muttering
You don't deserve my crown
I'm the lucky one

I don't want this
I wish I could've let go
Couldn't see it
Well, truly beauty was our foe
We left 'em alone, to the bitterness he will cling
Gracing the throne, an eternally ageing king

And in my rage
I drove you out
But in the fray
I saw that my colours were clearly shown
I was in the wrong

But now we're lying
Side by side
We reached the tombs
A fight with the highest stakes
Who could ever win


For jealousy begot a victim
Whom he fought with no resistance
A sullen mind starved of wisdom
A fire burned into our system


Gracing the throne, an eternally ageing king...
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