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Here we stand born into a frozen land
In the darkness a northern name to us was given
We're the ones, we had never seen the sun
only night can last as long as you remember

How high above is the never-setting sun
Now the dark has turned to day, a new beginning
Oh man you are alive, finally you realise
Now the war is almost over, light is winning

We're coming alive again, the silence has ended
It's morning, the dawning of everything
Coming in from the cold, the kaamos descending

From beyond the sea, through the clouds of broken dreams
In machines we fly against the wind
We're falling like ashes in the air
The coffins in the sky, for now, we are descending on this city

There where days, we could never find our way back
Home is where the heart is and so since we departed
It's so sweet to be, by the shores of the eastern sea
So satellite please send this message back home: "We're coming back home"

And it never seems like it's likely or even a certainty
What we're waiting for is never what we're waiting for
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