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Time Can Stay lyrics, Overhead


Lead me through to emptiness
Hear me now I take my final breath
All in all I'm quite amused
Petrified but in a happy mood

Rest assured it's still alive
Through the lives it left behind and locked inside
Though it's cold and lonely now
In a while the sun won't have a chance to hide
No more

You caught me in a hole again
Compensate the difference and descend
Lift me up I'll start again
Even though I know I'm still the same

I confess I haven't been so sincere
I've been lost and I've lived in fear
All the times that I was given a choice
No I would not hear no ones advice
Despite I knew the price

Crazily I thought there was another way
All the paths seemed to lead away
Now it's over there is nothing to say
Just leave it blank and call it a day
Despite I knew the price

A lucid dream of silent skies
is all that's needed for a beginning
A wretched lie or is it truth instead?
Reason fails to answer this
Lead me out of it or leave me in
'till the sun is dead and only dark remains

Still it's more than I understand
But I can't admit defeat 'till time is gone
Time can heal a wound or take away
Everything depends on time ticking away

Time can stay
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