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Leavin' Chicago lyrics, Popol Vuh


Goin' on a train to Chicago,
leavin' my home town behind.
Gotta get on the road,
find a place for my soul,
feel the ground with my feet in my mind.

But it's gotta be easy, oh, it's gotta be nice.
it's gotta be a good, good place,
where i can rest my brain twice.

Goin' on a bus to St. Louis,
reading a news-magazine.
We're gonna need a new show,
cause this ol' world's gonna blow,
i hope i find a place with shelter tonight.

It's gotta be easy...

Leavin' on a trip to St. Peter's
leavin' my body behind.
I'm gonna join all my friends,
see my old dog Louis again,
play the harp and fill me up with sweet wine.
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