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If I Try lyrics, Secret Service


Questions never described
I’m on my feet and flyin high
That is a lie
If you know what I mean
Just stand up and tap the tambourine
Sign on to the team.

Time is right
And no one´s ever wrong
At least not all the time
Late at night
I wish I knew today
What else I left behind.

It’s just that if I try
Never give it up
If I try
Holding on to you
Won’t you tell me not to worry
If I try
Never give it up
If I try
Would I lie to you?

Answers runnin around
I’ll pay the cost and turn ´em down
If they are found
Outside-mapping the stars
Diamond girls are playin´ cheap guitars
Showing off their scars.

And I’ll be seeing you
If you don’t stop and stare
After you
I think I rather stick around and play in here.
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  • once times appears I’ll pay the cost and turn ´em down lyrics.
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