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PasturnN lyrics, Skinny Puppy


aching eyes
warm blood in tail
shaped how nor why
it feels the same way
the street is dark and long
and aimless floating on
go beyond to say
ignore while you wait
falling over these things

passing through the light
it's the dark of light
when the light diffracted
cooler now
shadow on a shoulder of pain
being on a myth that could begin
Sodom is saving Sodom is destroying
can't cut it open
to what your made of
it feels easier
words are made of shit
tell them all these faces
burning I will discover
inside all this pain
what's your name and what's your name
fragrance of your past is the only cover
stinking up the burned out shelter that you left me to die here
I wish I couldn't find the hope
hope is all I needed to explore another day
returning back to say I cannot do it
I cannot do this anymore
so goodbye

it's a devastation
it's a manifestation of
an infestation
needing to stop
over and over
walls of skin
feel the taste
feel the weight
feel the hate
feel the love
never was
wish I'd begun
the walls are burning
there is no sun
a black moon rising
wish I'd begun
the walls are burning
there is no sun
a black moon rising
what's become
of my own
own life
wasted for the rights to be with you
you're the one I see things through
for all we were
for all we know
the door is closed
but which side on
you know exactly how
others have been innocent
the door is closed
but which side on
feel release
I lost a lot
look back to the place
where the sun comes through and hits your face
changes the light
a light that's gone out in my closet
clothes are all worn out
holy remnants of another time
a simple pine box
broken back
I feel kicked up all along
but if I understand it's all the same
I hate you
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