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Shore Lined Poison lyrics, Skinny Puppy


trials administer tidal oil that suffocating
base the fire gold
pouring mercury
life given river deformed

in amongst patient building
raise an urgent call reformation strike
the picking miners claw
kick my ass

waste the given gift
the natural cure
in the age of reason
gone bad

morning in between the cold stone ashes fall upon the wretched chosen ones
100 megatons evaporate those chosen

Sample: Things get in a difficult situation. It poses a risk to others.

vaporize case in point and deserving it
vaccinate all stranger than whispering
crushed velvet corpse grind a... awaiting underneath
returning to the earth

unraveled mask unneeded
decisions come from one side of the brain
insolent dented fibres optic
looks the world of growth

fleeting image ghost destruction T.V. screen
fleeting image ghost destruction T.V. screen

Sample: oh it gives off an orange cloud of light and just floats right out of the city, wow!
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