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Over & Over lyrics, Smallpools


[Verse 1]
It was a company event,
With a margarita tent
I said "how's your week?"
She said "man I'm spent"
And I could use a crazy night
And I would love to see Chennai
We could commandeer a little plane and fly
Or we could just skip stones in the shade

I wanna call you mine, and never let you down
I wanna feel it's right, over and over
I wanna get inside, and take it up and down
I wanna live this night over and over

[Verse 2]
She had a finger on the braille, we let a thimble go to jail
A little wooden sign that said, "Brace Yourself"


[Verse 3 (x2)]
And if we have to flee the city, from the parlor to the well
All we'll have to show for leaving, is a penny soaked to hell

[Hook x2]
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