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Fingertips Part 1 lyrics, Stevie Wonder


Fingertips Part 1
& 2 6:24 Trk 2
(Clarence Paul and
Henry 'Hank' Cosby)
Little Stevie Wonder
(Steveland Morris)
Fingertips Part 2 -Pop
Chart #1 June 22, 1963
Recorded: Live at The
Regal Theatre Chicago
Tamla (Motown) Records #54080
Album: Stevie Wonder Early Classics
Spectrum CD 544211-2
Transcriber: Awcantor@aol.com

Part 1: (bongo drum background)


Ladies and gentlemen,
now I'm going to do a
taken from my album,
'The Jazz Soul of
Little Stevie'
The name of the song is
called, umm,

Now, I want ya to clap
yo' hand, come on.
Come on!
Stomp yo' feet
Jump up and down, do
anything that you
wanna do!


Stevie harmonica begin
.40 trk>

> (3:15
approx. on the track)

Ev'rybody say, 'Yeah'
(Yeah, yeah!)
Say, yeah!
Say, yeah
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

(instrumental & harmonica)

Just a little bit-a
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah
Clap your hands, just a
little bit louder
Clap your hands, just a
little bit louder

(harmonica & instrumental)

Stevie sings:

I know that ev'rybody had, yeah
Ev'rybody have a good time
So, if you want me to
If you want me to
I'm gonna swing a-song
Yeah, just-a one mo' time
Be sure I'll come back
Just-a one more time
When I come back
So, good-bye


Announcer spoken:

How about it?
Let's hear it for him, huh?
Little Stevie Wonder

Take a bow, Steveland




Unk crowd woman: 'Yeah!,
Harry, get down!'

Band member: (What key? What key?)
Other band member:
(Been tellin' you)
Band member: (You been
tellin' me, what?)



Stevie: Hey!

Come on!
Well, good-bye, good-bye
A-good-bye, good-bye
Good-bye, good-bye, good-bye

I'm gonna go, yeah
I'm gonna go, yeah
Let's just swing it one more time!

(instrumental and harmonica to end)

'How 'bout it?'
'Go ahead an shake this up
for me real good'
'Stevie Wonder.'

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