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The Death of Life lyrics, The 11th Hour


He died before her eyes
One brief moment of pain and
confusion, then silence
and he was gone
She cried a lonesome tear
As his body grew cold in her
arms she looked up at the fading
sun... he's gone

My eyes they look
but nothing do they see
You will be lost and
helpless without me
I'm bound and powerless
to intervene
This death is oblivious
to all my pleas

They'll take the house
and all that you won
Sell your possessions
and put you in a home
I'm left to agonize
under this marble stone
Steeped in compunction
for leaving you all alone

These walls, the house he'd built
Now rund down and derelict,
nothing unchanged by the death
of life
Last fall as the leaves turned
Her old heart couldn't cope
with the loss of all hope
and she passed away
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