T, Twelfth Night

Fact and Fiction lyrics, Twelfth Night


TV is switched on
The screen reveal a spokesperson
Adverts politics editing the real
Cheap words money talks
Naming itself to be the key
To utopia cornucopia
To a better world you go buy and buy
And if you listen carefully
You can hear the bacon fly
Don't make me laugh!!

History shows that policy demands weapons
Selfish desires simply lead to pain
The chit-chat continues
A big pretence that divides
Into power blocks
Where the orthodox
Have a propaganda war to fight
And if you're looking closely
You can see that black is white
Don't make me laugh!!

If the "unthinkable" should happen
And you hear the sirens call
Well you can always find some shelter
Behind a door against the wall
Don't make me laugh!!
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