Lyrics letter "A"

A, Antimatter

Here Come the Men, Antimatter

Antimatter - Here Come the Men lyrics
In the coldness of the hollow streets here
Are you big enough?
Get on the daisy chain and forfeit sense for gain
Are you strong enough?
As the contest begins

A, Antimatter

Wide Awake in the Concrete Asylum, Antimatter

Antimatter - Wide Awake in the Concrete Asylum lyrics
While the sea is so cold
Try to kiss through the snow
We leave the toys on the shelf
If the cuts should fall from the air would the lines still hang somehow?
And as the callous grow the mild remain in here alone

A, Alma Bandic

Uspavanka - nini sine, spavaj sine, Alma Bandic

Alma Bandic - Uspavanka - nini sine, spavaj sine lyrics
Mmmmm mmmm mmm
Pati majka pati majka
Udova ostala
Treći nose treći nose
Od zlata jabuku

A, Abbe May

Design Desire, Abbe May

Abbe May - Design Desire lyrics
Design desire
Our song
One night lyrics
How weak!

A, Abbe May

Taurus Chorus, Abbe May

Abbe May - Taurus Chorus lyrics
I'd like to take you home
Taurus chorus
I could please you
When I need lyrics
All the time when I need

A, Abbe May

Mammalian Locomotion, Abbe May

Abbe May - Mammalian Locomotion lyrics
I know you are my love
A stellium of stars
Mammalian locomotion
Then I know lyrics
I like your mammalian locomotion

A, Abbe May

Cast That Devil Out, Abbe May

Abbe May - Cast That Devil Out lyrics
You got to do everything right
Oh my my love
You better cast that devil out
I'm not telling you
I'm just telling you right now

A, Abbe May

Universes, Abbe May

Abbe May - Universes lyrics
My father
Prays to god
Do you remember all my universes?
You don't remember that summer when you nearly drowned
To my sun sign lyrics

A, Arcadia

Say the word, Arcadia

Arcadia - Say the word lyrics
Say the word before this love is broken
Say the word if your eyes are open
Say something
It’s time we tried
Hey mister

A, Arcadia

El diablo, Arcadia

Arcadia - El diablo lyrics
Oh el diablo el diablo
Won't you sell me back my soul
El diablo is to blame
From so far away

A, A Guy Called Gerald

Voodoo Ray, A Guy Called Gerald

A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray lyrics
Ooh-oo-hoo ah-ha ha yeah
Hey-ya hey-hey-yah hey-hey-hey-hey-yah
(Voodoo voodoo ray ray ray ray)
(Voodoo ray ray ray ray ray ray)
Ah-ha ha yeah


A, Arcadia

Election Day, Arcadia

Arcadia - Election Day lyrics
I pull my shirt off and pray lyrics
Pull my shirt off and pray we're coming up on re-election day
By roads and backways a lover's chance down a wind
Cut open murmurs and sounds be calm hands on skin
Carry further ohentangled strands all sing lyrics

A, Annihilator

The edge, Annihilator

Annihilator - The edge lyrics
The edge I'm walking a fine line
And it's harder than steel it cuts like a knife
It's the way I run it's a way of life
The edge
They teach it on the street it's the only rule


A, Anterior

Dead Divine, Anterior

Anterior - Dead Divine lyrics
In search of life
Tainted eyes
A scent of this new life
Gaze upon destitution
Claw forth the day

A, Alphaville

Some People, Alphaville

Alphaville - Some People lyrics
some people search their souls for truth
some people seem to have it all
some people end up destitute
some people try to be of use
some people always have to crawl


A, Aesop Rock

Homemade Mummy, Aesop Rock

Aesop Rock - Homemade Mummy lyrics
Take the brain out leave the heart in
Take the brain out
Blue ox red plaid bass pro flannel king
Hasbro crown sour apple Abba-Zabba teeth
Before we only spoke in letters cut from magazines


A, Aesop Rock

Ruby '81, Aesop Rock

Aesop Rock - Ruby '81 lyrics
The canine let his gainer fly
Had been alert since waking up
Water top commotion grow lyrics
Howling guests assume
The cloven hooves had come to do-si-do


A, Area 11

Knightmare, Area 11

Area 11 - Knightmare lyrics
She shines for me she shines for me
Just like glass I saw right through
Towards her shining light
In my dreams I feel I’m running
Until I changed my point of view


A, Anna Graceman

It's Love, Anna Graceman

Anna Graceman - It's Love lyrics
It's love
It's love that I hear
That I hear
When your beside me

A, Adam Ant

Human Bondage Den, Adam Ant

Adam Ant - Human Bondage Den lyrics
You've got to stop your grumbling
And all that human bondage den
Can't fight here this is the war room
Last one in's a son of a gun
Hey ho strike two

A, Adam Ant

No Zap, Adam Ant

Adam Ant - No Zap lyrics
Till I'm dead dead dead
Kiss my mouth until it's red red red
You can hang me by the neck
Surf coming up Geronimo Joe
But me no buts buddy riding my bike

A, Arden Cho

I'm The One To Blame, Arden Cho

Arden Cho - I'm The One To Blame lyrics
That I'm the one to blame
But I hate myself more for pushing you out that door
But you moved on with another and I know that I'm the one to blame
And I know it's too late for me to say this to you
Wish I would've said all these things when I had you in my life


I Will Not Forget feat. Roberta Carter Harrison, ATB

ATB - I Will Not Forget  feat. Roberta Carter Harrison lyrics
I'll just try to …
I will …
Not forget

A, Attomica

Deathraiser, Attomica

Attomica - Deathraiser lyrics
From death they get back
Killing is just what they do
Rotten hands gonna squeeze your neck
When the dead returns to kill

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