Abbe May lyrics

A, Abbe May

Design Desire, Abbe May

Abbe May - Design Desire lyrics
Design desire
Our song
One night
How weak!

A, Abbe May

Taurus Chorus, Abbe May

Abbe May - Taurus Chorus lyrics
I'd like to take you home
Taurus chorus lyrics
I could please you
When I need
All the time when I need

A, Abbe May

Mammalian Locomotion, Abbe May

Abbe May - Mammalian Locomotion lyrics
I know you are my love lyrics
A stellium of stars
Mammalian locomotion
Then I know
I like your mammalian locomotion lyrics

A, Abbe May

Cast That Devil Out, Abbe May

Abbe May - Cast That Devil Out lyrics
You got to do everything right
Oh my my love
You better cast that devil out
I'm not telling you
I'm just telling you right now

A, Abbe May

Universes, Abbe May

Abbe May - Universes lyrics
My father
Prays to god
Do you remember all my universes?
You don't remember that summer when you nearly drowned
To my sun sign

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