Arcadia lyrics

A, Arcadia

Amok, Arcadia

Arcadia - Amok lyrics
pozwól w końcu mi odejść
Codziennie jadem swym omamiasz lub nie
To już ostatni raz nie mogę dłużej tak
Codzienni kusisz mnie jak jadowity wąż
na jawie i we śnie tak bardzo pragnę cię


A, Arcadia

All You Can Do, Arcadia

Arcadia - All You Can Do lyrics
Tell me now have you ever tried?
Tell me is this all you can do?
Now let me come in your mind
Tell why are you so still?
You're sleepin' while someone may wait for you

A, Arcadia

The Promise, Arcadia

Arcadia - The Promise lyrics
Heaven's eyes will never dry
Heaven hide your eyes
When they'll stand for no more lyrics
Hear the passion in their voices
The hungry make their stand

A, Arcadia

The Flame, Arcadia

Arcadia - The Flame lyrics
How can you steal my flame
One from the heart one for this precious shining lyrics
How do you dare step into my flame
Straight to the heart straight for this precious shining
Sometimes cards are drawn and the tables turn

A, Arcadia

Keep Me In The Dark, Arcadia

Arcadia - Keep Me In The Dark lyrics
I wouldn't like
Help me now i'm slipping deeper
Tell me what to say
To all of the boys cheerio

A, Arcadia

Missing, Arcadia

Arcadia - Missing lyrics
how I want to join in your games
where can I find out lyrics
laughter down into your empty gaze
I hear you calling
I hear you calling calling calling calling

A, Arcadia

Say the word, Arcadia

Arcadia - Say the word lyrics
Say the word before this love is broken
Say the word if your eyes are open
Say something
It’s time we tried
Hey mister

A, Arcadia

El diablo, Arcadia

Arcadia - El diablo lyrics
Oh el diablo el diablo
Won't you sell me back my soul
El diablo is to blame
From so far away

A, Arcadia

Election Day, Arcadia

Arcadia - Election Day lyrics
I pull my shirt off and pray
Pull my shirt off and pray we're coming up on re-election day
By roads and backways a lover's chance down a wind
Cut open murmurs and sounds be calm hands on skin lyrics
Carry further ohentangled strands all sing

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