Circus Contraption lyrics

C, Circus Contraption

Nickelodeon, Circus Contraption

Circus Contraption - Nickelodeon lyrics
I'm your Nickelodeon
in a 4 alarm fire
I know you wanna --
A tabernacle choir
I'm ringing your bell

C, Circus Contraption

Over the Rails, Circus Contraption

Circus Contraption - Over the Rails lyrics
in exchange for a kiss lyrics
yes I'm over the rails for you
because I'm over the rails for you
I'd sing you to sleep
if you wish it my dear lyrics

C, Circus Contraption

Pink Elephants on Parade, Circus Contraption

Circus Contraption - Pink Elephants on Parade lyrics
Pink elephants!
Pink elephants on parade!
Look out! Look out!
Chase 'em away!
Pink elephants on parade

C, Circus Contraption

Raining Pianos, Circus Contraption

Circus Contraption - Raining Pianos lyrics
'Cause it could always be a lot worse
You know you gotta laugh or else you gonna cry
So show me all your teeth and hold your head up high
Moving along to no advance
I'm mumbling and fumbling and wondering aloud

C, Circus Contraption

Wicked Fascinations, Circus Contraption

Circus Contraption - Wicked Fascinations lyrics
You might find you'll have us for the night lyrics
Fall in line we'll administer inoculations
Turn the nickelodeon and kiss your ass goodbye
We're inclined towards sybaritic exultation;
Oddities await so won't you kindly step inside?

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