Donghyun (Boyfriend) lyrics

D, Donghyun (Boyfriend)

Beauty and a beat, Donghyun (Boyfriend)

Donghyun (Boyfriend) - Beauty and a beat lyrics
It's all 'bout you when the music makes you move lyrics
Baby do it like you do
Wo oo~
Thank you~


D, Donghyun (Boyfriend)

Listen, Donghyun (Boyfriend)

Donghyun (Boyfriend) - Listen lyrics
Namboda jallan geotdo eopgo gajin geotdo eopgo
Nareul gajang bitnage hae
Eonjena neon mandeureojwo someone special
Teukbyeolhal geot eomneun naege
Mwo hana haejun geotdo eopgo jalhan geotdo eopgo

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