Elaiza lyrics

E, Elaiza

Is It Right, Elaiza

Elaiza - Is It Right lyrics
Is it right or is it wrong?
I can’t go on you can’t go on
If you say yes or even no
You don’t know how and where to go
Is it right? Is it right?


E, Elaiza

I Don't Love You, Elaiza

Elaiza - I Don't Love You lyrics
But I don't love you
I was only into your character
The first time I met you
But I'm trough with you
I didn't get your intention

E, Elaiza

Thank You, Elaiza

Elaiza - Thank You lyrics
I would like to say thank you
For all the love your'e giving me
I can feel what you feel
For your drive and your trust
For your everything everything everything

E, Elaiza

Fight Against Myself, Elaiza

Elaiza - Fight Against Myself lyrics
Getting closer to the end
Yeah I fight against myself becoming who I am
I try to win the war winning nothing in the end
I fight against it all ’cause I know who I am
Beating love with no sign of truth

E, Elaiza

Goodbye, Elaiza

Elaiza - Goodbye lyrics
Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye
This is a season of my life
I had to run away
I've tried so hard but I can't touch a lie
Gonna start a new way gonna take the pain lyrics

E, Elaiza

Without, Elaiza

Elaiza - Without lyrics
I run and run but I can't find you
I search and search to complete my truth
To me
And I'm so far away
Without tears without pain come back

E, Elaiza

Cinderella, Elaiza

Elaiza - Cinderella lyrics
So please don't call me Cinderella
'Cause I'm not the girl I seem to be
I take one step forward
I'm not the girl that you want to see
In movie scenes

E, Elaiza

Circle of Life, Elaiza

Elaiza - Circle of Life lyrics
Nanana nana nana nana I stand
Nanana nana nana nana I run
Nanana nana nana nana I dance
Nanana nana nana nana I stop
You were on the ground

E, Elaiza

Lemonade, Elaiza

Elaiza - Lemonade lyrics
Make lemonade
I left you for a while lyrics
When life gives you lemons
When life gives you
Like a flower flower growing trough concrete

E, Elaiza

Green, Elaiza

Elaiza - Green lyrics
Green light for me
Green light for you
Ah ah ah ah ah ah I gotta
Everything's green
Like grass and the trees

E, Elaiza

Miracle, Elaiza

Elaiza - Miracle lyrics
We're in a miracle ina miracle
I know you like to criticise lyrics
But you're in a miracle in a miracle
Wake up and change our mind
Of life lyrics

E, Elaiza

Invisible Line, Elaiza

Elaiza - Invisible Line lyrics
All my tears are falling down
Like a raindrops on the ground
But then I see
Just think about my life
There's an invisible line invisible line invisible line

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