Ginger Sling lyrics

G, Ginger Sling

Faith, Ginger Sling

Ginger Sling - Faith lyrics
I just wanna change your mind
I don't wanna change my life
I don't wanna change the world
Not asking for your life
Not asking for your love

G, Ginger Sling

Mean to be, Ginger Sling

Ginger Sling - Mean to be lyrics
I'll go where I am meant to be
God only knows
Where I'll end up
The river always leads to the sea
Don't know where I'll be tomorrow

G, Ginger Sling

Now That You're Here, Ginger Sling

Ginger Sling - Now That You're Here lyrics
You went away
In a car lyrics
You broke my heart
And now you're back
Put on my coat lyrics

G, Ginger Sling

Are You Gonna?, Ginger Sling

Ginger Sling - Are You Gonna? lyrics
Are you gonna break my heart?
Oh well
Are you gonna bring me down a whole step?
This pine?
That's fine

G, Ginger Sling

Kodachrome, Ginger Sling

Ginger Sling - Kodachrome lyrics
Mama don't take my Kodachrome away
It give us those nice bright colors
Makes you think all the world's a sunny day
I love to take a photograph lyrics


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