Greenslade lyrics

G, Greenslade

Time to Dream, Greenslade

Greenslade - Time to Dream lyrics
I think it's pretentious pretending to end for applause lyrics
My but you're heaven but I never do encores
Not like at home
What's your name I've forgotten again
I'm in for all infinity and out of my brain

G, Greenslade

Theme for an Imaginary Western, Greenslade

Greenslade - Theme for an Imaginary Western lyrics
And the desert that dries
Where the laughter sounds
O the sun was in their eyes
In the country towns
Sometimes they found it

G, Greenslade

The Flattery Stakes, Greenslade

Greenslade - The Flattery Stakes lyrics
But when I'm lonely lyrics
Or one afternoon with a band
(If you want it you can get it)
Get what you want while you can
I'm a generous fool some say man lyrics

G, Greenslade

Sunkissed You're Not, Greenslade

Greenslade - Sunkissed You're Not lyrics
I don't want to lose what I've found again no
I'd like to make you but you're out too far
I want you but you want pain
I need you you need pain lyrics
Sunkissed you're not masochist you are

G, Greenslade

Rainbow, Greenslade

Greenslade - Rainbow lyrics
(Red green yellow blue indigo orange violet rainbow)
Rainbow lyrics
In and out of the rainbow
Once they were green like my envy they've turned to a yellow my cowardice blue now I reminisce
I saw a rainbow through tears though there wasn't a sun

G, Greenslade

Newsworth, Greenslade

Greenslade - Newsworth lyrics
You're a
You can't always be kind
We quite understand
Please take extra care

G, Greenslade

Joie de vivre, Greenslade

Greenslade - Joie de vivre lyrics
We are one
The feast
Follow none
The child
Follow many

G, Greenslade

Feathered Friends, Greenslade

Greenslade - Feathered Friends lyrics
Who's left to blame if we fail?
Even though we're just new to the game
While the sun is still burning
It's time to leave if we can heave ourselves away from here
Well here's mud in your eye

G, Greenslade

Drowning Man, Greenslade

Greenslade - Drowning Man lyrics
Forgive us all our trespasses
And images of comrades dead
As we do not forgive;
Enough to see the straws for us lyrics
And all our thoughts rush back

G, Greenslade

Animal Farm, Greenslade

Greenslade - Animal Farm lyrics
On Animal Farm
I know that you'll like it
A curb on excess is encouraged by nurses
You begin to care
And the urge to remonstrate is stifled when your dinner plate is gone

G, Greenslade

Waltz for a Fallen Idol, Greenslade

Greenslade - Waltz for a Fallen Idol lyrics
Who'll wait for me
The older I've got
Yesterday was a friend
The book of excesses
(I want to go back in life)

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