Hugh Grant lyrics

H, Hugh Grant

Way Back Into Love, Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant - Way Back Into Love lyrics
All I want to do is find a way back into love
I can't make it through without a way back into love
oh oh oh oh oh
There are moments when I don't know if it's real
And if I open my heart again

H, Hugh Grant

Pop Goes My Heart, Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant - Pop Goes My Heart lyrics
But then pop! Goes my heart
(Pop! Goes my heart)
I said I wasn't gonna lose my head
I wasn't gonna fall in love again
You are gold and silver


H, Hugh Grant

Don't Write Me Off, Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant - Don't Write Me Off lyrics
is don't write me off just yet
All I'm asking you
to live off my so called former glories lyrics
that I'm happy
the same old story

H, Hugh Grant

Meaningless Kiss, Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant - Meaningless Kiss lyrics
Just a meaningless kiss
CHORUS: lyrics
We knew it was wrong
It wasn't supposed to end up like this
But we couldn't resist lyrics

H, Hugh Grant

Dance With Me Tonight, Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant - Dance With Me Tonight lyrics
Or will you dance with me tonight?
Wondering if anything will go right
So I'm fine with what I have now if you'll dance with me tonight
But that other side is not in sight lyrics
I know that it seems that the grass will grow

H, Hugh Grant

Love Autopsy, Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant - Love Autopsy lyrics
Love autopsy
Ah ah ah ah
What went wrong?
And never figure out what went wrong lyrics
Is like doing a love autopsy

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