Jordyn Taylor lyrics

J, Jordyn Taylor

Accessory, Jordyn Taylor

Jordyn Taylor - Accessory lyrics
He’s my latest accessory
What’s his name?
He’s my he’s my he’s my he’s my
Prada shades
He’s like my Cloe shoes

J, Jordyn Taylor

Shake It, Jordyn Taylor

Jordyn Taylor - Shake It lyrics
hey hey lyrics
sh sh shake it sh sh shake it
Sh shake it sh sh sh shake it
And we just wanna
Cause our song is on

J, Jordyn Taylor

Strong, Jordyn Taylor

Jordyn Taylor - Strong lyrics
with every cruel intention you helped me find my
yeah its all because of you
that i have the strength i do
to turn my pain to passion instead of crashing lyrics

J, Jordyn Taylor

Under the influence, Jordyn Taylor

Jordyn Taylor - Under the influence lyrics
Under the influence of love
I'm under the influence and can't get enough
I just wanna feel this way lyrics
Every night and everyday
Yeah I will stay here

J, Jordyn Taylor

Set me free, Jordyn Taylor

Jordyn Taylor - Set me free lyrics
I wanna dance tonight
Put your hands up tonight
So in love but I just can't take no more
All you gotta do is set me free
You're up and down and I'm the one that's hurting

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