Miss Fortune lyrics

M, Miss Fortune

The Double Threat Of Danger, Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune - The Double Threat Of Danger lyrics
and I'm just trying to make a living out of nothing but some dreams
but I'll only let you down if you're expecting me to stay
It's all about the profit and it's all about the schemes
And I'm so sorry I just can't leave out this way
something something that battles the emotions and notions everybody's after

M, Miss Fortune

I've Got A Five Point Plan, Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune - I've Got A Five Point Plan lyrics
guess it's time to show my worth
And it's time for me to see through struggle
It is time to say that we're not worth it and it's time to let me learn
I must remind you what I came here to say
but before you go your own way

M, Miss Fortune

A Lost Cause, Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune - A Lost Cause lyrics
I beg you to stay
I know that you haven't forgiven me lyrics
These vices I crave demand their own way but I need you so badly
so I should stop being selfish and just let you leave
All I've wanted is to let go

M, Miss Fortune

A Spark To Believe, Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune - A Spark To Believe lyrics
Ignite the spark to believe
If you ever think that I'm too distant to reach then open your heart
Take me away
It's your life so chase it
One day you'll wake up it'll be gone

M, Miss Fortune

My Apologies, Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune - My Apologies lyrics
We all fall down
What do you need to see?
what would it take to make you love me?
To make you fall for me all over
so I'm singin'

M, Miss Fortune

We're Not In Kansas Anymore, Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune - We're Not In Kansas Anymore lyrics
to step out into the sunlight and let my life rearrange
When it's clear I'll believe everything just happens for reasons we can't explain lyrics
I don't know what you've been thinking but things have changed
That much is obvious but what's got me oblivious is
chasing this tornado but I think I'm okay

M, Miss Fortune

Interstate 44, Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune - Interstate 44 lyrics
From everything that I'll ever need
I wouldn't have even strung you along
I'm lost in love I'm lost in love with you
But you make my heart race and I don't know what to do
And this interstate is taking me away

M, Miss Fortune

Ghost, Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune - Ghost lyrics
help you out of this hole that you've dug yourself into
and we won't be anything if you don't put down those drugs
And though we should probably go our separate ways I'm on my knees
And maybe I'm not thinking clearly I'm going crazy
I've been thinking of some way that I could

M, Miss Fortune

Chasing Dreams, Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune - Chasing Dreams lyrics
And I just wanted you to know that you're the one worth changing for
And here lately I've been thinking lyrics
We gave up our dreams in spectacular fashion
'Cause you're the one that I love and respect and revere
That much is clear

M, Miss Fortune

No Light, No Light, Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune - No Light, No Light lyrics
You want a revelation
Tell me what you want me to say
And I'd do anything to make you stay
You can't choose what stays and what fades away
No light no light

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