Misun lyrics

M, Misun

Eli Eli, Misun

Misun - Eli Eli lyrics
I'm so alive
Come on and give me one more happy moment moment
Come and give me just one more happy moment!
Just give me one last touch of your hand!
Come on and give me one more touch of your hand hand

M, Misun

Goodbye Summer, Misun

Misun - Goodbye Summer lyrics
I wish you a good goodbye
To be a part of nothing

M, Misun

Sleep, Misun

Misun - Sleep lyrics
I need you to wake up
I need you to wake up with me
There is just no time to find the meaning
If you spend all of your time sleeping
Rain hits her window the whole world is breathing

M, Misun

Travel With Me, Misun

Misun - Travel With Me lyrics
Breaking through boundaries often there is no rest
Well you travel with me close to your chest
Travel with me
You are put to the test
Come on get out of this mess

M, Misun

Battlefields, Misun

Misun - Battlefields lyrics
Something inside of me
Is tormenting me
And I wish that I I wish that I could sleep
And I wish to the stars that I could be free
Takes control of me

M, Misun

Coffee, Misun

Misun - Coffee lyrics
At least for another hour
Enjoy your time with me
Stay with me
Oh just stay
Oh stay with me lyrics

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