Municipal Waste lyrics

M, Municipal Waste

I just wanna rock, Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste - I just wanna rock lyrics
I just wanna rock
Better spell our name right
Or you'll get your throat slit
It's marquee time pyrotechnics
For forty five bones

M, Municipal Waste

Hazardous Mutation, Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste - Hazardous Mutation lyrics
From his wife and kids
In a panic he ran screaming lyrics
Across infected lands
Mutated race of the damned
The image burned into his mind

M, Municipal Waste

Wolves of Chernobyl, Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste - Wolves of Chernobyl lyrics
Wolves of Chernobyl lyrics
Nothing's going to stop it
Beware the pack is coming for you!
It's a massacre
Believe it's a legend lyrics


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