Perry Farrell lyrics

P, Perry Farrell

Going All The Way (Into The Twilight), Perry Farrell

Perry Farrell - Going All The Way (Into The Twilight) lyrics
You are away with me no other way
We're going all the way
Tonight lightning strikes
Let's go into twilight
Everyday everyday everyday


P, Perry Farrell

Nasty Little Perv, Perry Farrell

Perry Farrell - Nasty Little Perv lyrics
Dongle lyrics
Does his dirty jobs
I've got my dongle back
(Does his dirty jobs)
Oh he knows that we know he's a nasty little pervert

P, Perry Farrell

Our Song, Perry Farrell

Perry Farrell - Our Song lyrics
So when I hear that song
Does my heart good
Does my heart well
Give me a song
I was always there"

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