Lyrics letter "Pozostali"

Pozostali, 187

Pesma za sve, 187

187 - Pesma za sve lyrics
Detaljisti do kraja lyrics
sto vrebaju iz tame
one su srnemi smo vuci
a za to ne znaju ni same
nikad nista na eks

Pozostali, 187

Nikad neces znati, 187

187 - Nikad neces znati lyrics
kaze spusti se nize
Ni kod mene ni kod nje
ne mora da zna niko
nije bitno gde cemo
sve cemo probati

Pozostali, 187

Nema vremena, 187

187 - Nema vremena lyrics
Ne ne nema vremena za bezanje lyrics
Ne ne nema mesta za sakrivanje
Ne ne nema mesta zar ne ejeeee
Koji pokazali su meni
prizvao sam duhove lyrics

Pozostali, 187

Lavovi, 187

187 - Lavovi lyrics
Na terenu se zna
lopta puca k'o bomba!
ko ima najjace strune
ko cepa mrezu od gola
Jer svi vide da stize lyrics

Pozostali, 187

Kockar, 187

187 - Kockar lyrics
oni sto znaju sada govore
lagano sebi sprema logore
ali ipak umiru svi
narednu godinu doziveti nece
jer sada u njemu demon se krece lyrics

Pozostali, 187

Kazes mi da ides, 187

187 - Kazes mi da ides lyrics
mene ili njega
Gledam te sa strane
Kazes mi da ides
Ali vidim da bi htela
nocas da mi dodjes

Pozostali, 187

Jedna od onih, 187

187 - Jedna od onih lyrics
Dugi nokti usta kakvih nema
Ref 2x
dok njega nema
sala kluba uvek puna zena
ja je gledam znam da nesto sprema

Pozostali, 187

Fiesta, 187

187 - Fiesta lyrics
Ref 2x
ovako pijani hajde da pevamo svi
Adesso ti spoglio cosi ti voglio
voglio svestirti vicino a me sentirti
lo so cosa serve per poterti aggitare

Pozostali, 187

Bludni sin, 187

187 - Bludni sin lyrics
Ref 2x
Ovo je 1 na 1 ali ona voli grupno lyrics
jebes smrt poljubi je
nesto mi kaze
Do sada da me otklone

Pozostali, 10CC

Une Nuit a Paris, 10CC

10CC - Une Nuit a Paris lyrics
One night in Paris
Each night in Paris
This night in Paris
The all American way?
May be your last!!!

Pozostali, 10CC

Sand in My Face, 10CC

10CC - Sand in My Face lyrics
Dynamic Tension Dynamic Tension
Dynamic Tension make a man out of you
She's with Alex and she's out of reach lyrics
So please Mr Atlas won't you
bring her on back to me

Pozostali, 10CC

Runaway, 10CC

10CC - Runaway lyrics
(You) Don't want to live without you
(Need) I need you lyrics
(I) I love you
you read between the lines

Pozostali, 10CC

We've Heard It All Before, 10CC

10CC - We've Heard It All Before lyrics
We've heard it We've heard it (oy)
heard it we've heard it)
Oh we've heard it all before (We've
Oh we've heard it all before
Don't wanna hear it anymore

Pozostali, 10CC

Welcome to Paradise, 10CC

10CC - Welcome to Paradise lyrics
there's a coup coming on
welcome to paradise
a coup coming on
(there's a coup coming on)
did somebody say

Pozostali, 10CC

The Power of Love, 10CC

10CC - The Power of Love lyrics
The power of love (power of love)
You're under the spell under the power of love
Don't imagine that you're free
make you do the things you never done before
There's no escaping from reality

Pozostali, 2PM

What Time Is It Now, 2PM

2PM - What Time Is It Now lyrics
So what time is it now? What time is it now?
It's 2-P-M You hear that? I said it's 2-P-M
It's time for a new star to shine
It's time for change it's time for a new generation
What time is it now? I said what time is it now?

Pozostali, 2PM

One Day, 2PM

2PM - One Day lyrics
I’ll be there
One day
This is forever
Hitotsu ni narou
Soba ni iru nda

Pozostali, 2L8

Don't Follow Me, 2L8

2L8 - Don't Follow Me lyrics
Always keep everything in our lives that defines us lyrics
There are so many roads to freedom I will follow
There are so many roads to freedom pleased to follow you if you show me one
Don’t follow me cause I am lost too
Always remain faithful to the essence of our existence

Pozostali, 1208

Fall Apart, 1208

1208 - Fall Apart lyrics
(I'm further from the truth)
A living disaster I die for my master
It's true (I'm stuck and can't get loose)
Another example of losing my handle on you
I fall apart for you


Pozostali, 1200 Mics

DMT, 1200 Mics

1200 Mics - DMT lyrics
Have you ever had a dream Neo that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dreamworld and the real world?
You take the blue pill lyrics
This is your last chance After this there is no turning back You take the blue pill - the story ends You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believeYou take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes
I remember the very very first time I smoked DMT

Pozostali, 1200 Mics

Ayahuasca, 1200 Mics

1200 Mics - Ayahuasca lyrics
The drink takes you on a journey of inner discovery You enter a special magical dimension The dimension of the spirit world
You enter a special magical dimension The dimension of the spirit world lyrics
A thousand years ago deep in the darkest jungles of the Amazon the ancient Incas discovered a mystical vine They brew up a sacred psychoactive hallucinogenic drink - the holy Ayahuasca

Pozostali, 1200 Mics

LSD, 1200 Mics

1200 Mics - LSD lyrics
Acid The drug that has changed our world
It expands your conciousness intensifies colors thoughts and feelings
Mind-altering psychedelic trip
LSD - possibly the most powerful and important psychoactive drug on the planet lyrics

Pozostali, 1200 Mics

Magic Mushroom, 1200 Mics

1200 Mics - Magic Mushroom lyrics
Exploding your mysticism
Endless hallucinations the lightest got hallucinogenic paths
Spores and spores and spores
Magic mushroom magic mushroom magic mushroom

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