Lyrics letter "R"

R, Ray Charles

Losing Hand, Ray Charles

Ray Charles - Losing Hand lyrics
I gambled on your love baby and got a losing hand
I thought I'd be your king baby yes and you could be my queen
While I was playing fair baby you played a cheating game
The way you did me pretty baby I declare I never understand
But you used me for your joker ´cause I thought you're deal was clean

R, Ray Charles

The Brightest Smile in Town, Ray Charles

Ray Charles - The Brightest Smile in Town lyrics
I'll soon forget in time And smile again
Just why I'll never know lyrics
And then you took it all away
But I can never smile as I did then
You took the brightest smile in town oh Yeah

R, Ray Charles

Tell the World About You, Ray Charles

Ray Charles - Tell the World About You lyrics
I wanna walk about it lyrics
Talk about it
We'll have a love
You have a love that can't be beat lyrics

R, Rasheeda

Let It Clap feat. Akon, Rasheeda

Rasheeda - Let It Clap feat. Akon lyrics
And everytime he hears the bass
He just wants to clap(yeah)
Let it clap clap clap clap clap clap clap [x2]
Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap [x2]

R, Rasheeda

Pack Ya Bags feat. Kalenna, Rasheeda

Rasheeda - Pack Ya Bags feat. Kalenna lyrics
I ain't bout to have you stressing me
See you ain't gotta sneak and creep
See how good she gon love you
When you let this tricks get the best of you

R, Ray Charles

A Tear Fell, Ray Charles

Ray Charles - A Tear Fell lyrics
A fool am I a fool am I in love
but I missed you constantly
The teardrops that you stepped on
as you danced across the floor
when you walked out of my doors

R, Ray Charles

The Sun's Gonna Shine Again, Ray Charles

Ray Charles - The Sun's Gonna Shine Again lyrics
That the sunsun gonna shine againshine again
That the sunsun gonna shine againyeah shine again lyrics
Ah but I know lord
Since you been away
Oh lawd baby since you

R, Rakim

Waiting For the World to End, Rakim

Rakim - Waiting For the World to End lyrics
[Chorus x2] lyrics
Waitin for the world to end"
Wit all of her girls and all of my mens
Shorty was taught to keep his head to the sky and never cry
But the streets left him to die now it's death in his eye lyrics

R, Rakim

Uplift, Rakim

Rakim - Uplift lyrics
All year around plus they shuffle non stop
Theres more prize for one another and call shots
We went from 1st to americas worst
You think its rough at the bottom its even rougher on top

R, Rakim

Take the train, Rakim

Rakim - Take the train lyrics
Whoever gets caught got to take the blame
We gon' take the train take the train
Take it to the maximum (3x)
All in together lets make a game

R, Rakim

Strong Island, Rakim

Rakim - Strong Island lyrics
[DJ cuts and scratches "Rough enough to break New York from Long Island"]
The rhyme that I'm stylin smooth as a violin
[My Melody:] "Rough enough to break New York from Long Island"
[My Melody] "Rough enough to break New York from Long Island"
Grew up in Wyndanch formerly known as Crime-Danch

R, Rakim

Saga Begins, Rakim

Rakim - Saga Begins lyrics
So much flavor I can taste your smile stay awhile
Raised more than an eyebrow with a flagrant style lyrics
Til it informs me more than you would normally allow
By now I can taste your smile stay awhile
Sometimes it's hard to fight it and not let her see me get excited

R, Rocky M

Fly With Me to Wonderland, Rocky M

Rocky M - Fly With Me to Wonderland lyrics
We are happy day by day lyrics
Fly with me and let us say
Fly with me to wonderland
Hold me tight – give me your hand lyrics
I am happy as can be

R, Rakim

Show Me Love, Rakim

Rakim - Show Me Love lyrics
Promise you'll stay all night long
Promise you won't do me wrong
If I turn you on
If I turn you on (go ahead uh)
Making love til dawn

R, Rakim

When I'm Flowin', Rakim

Rakim - When I'm Flowin' lyrics
[Chorus x2]
Man I keep it goin damn I keep it flowin
But not the twilight from the insight that I write
and recite in my mic'll be bright cause I like lyrics
Leavin your periphereal vision in a zone

R, Russell Crowe

Javert's Suicide, Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe - Javert's Suicide lyrics
Who never doubted all these years?
My heart is stone and still it trembles
The world I have known is lost in shadow
Is he from heaven or from hell? lyrics
And must I now begin to doubt

R, Roxy Music

The main thing, Roxy Music

Roxy Music - The main thing lyrics
The main thing
You run through here
With your words of sand
I can nearly understand lyrics
You can really turn me on

R, Roxy Music

No strange delight, Roxy Music

Roxy Music - No strange delight lyrics
Your strange delight
So where's your soul?
In the field where every story ends
To when you really cared lyrics
Tearing off the years

R, Roxy Music

In the midnight hour, Roxy Music

Roxy Music - In the midnight hour lyrics
I'm gonna wait till the midnight hour
in the midnight hour
I'm gonna take you girl and hold you
and do all the things I told you
that's when my love begins to shine

R, Raekwon

Sneakers, Raekwon

Raekwon - Sneakers lyrics
Fly royals got love for a ?member a six? we do the basics
Stood out slide em on taste it wild lace in these
Ciconi's and ponies Spa built mix wit ? ? ?
Keep it real heav set head set intellect set
[Verse 2] lyrics

R, Raekwon

Run (Freestlye), Raekwon

Raekwon - Run (Freestlye) lyrics
And I won't stop moving til the metal dig me
Say word yo make 'em work for it young rookie y'all need me
Please plus they heard I'm getting parmagane cheese
Build be gone ain't no honor amongst thieves
Yelled out 'pardon' kept it moving peace lyrics

R, Raekwon

Nasty Immigrants, Raekwon

Raekwon - Nasty Immigrants lyrics
Rock Swahali and suede fronts get paid from n-z
Push this s-t out like nine months
lifestyle like a knife in a child
Wu dominate s-t majorly flavorly lyrics

R, Rakim

I Ain't No Joke, Rakim

Rakim - I Ain't No Joke lyrics
I hold the microphone like a grudge
You could get a smack for this I ain't no joke
Play 'em so I'ma have to dis and broke
B'll hold the record so the needle don't budge
I hold a conversation cuz when I invent lyrics

R, Rakim

Outro (The 18th Letter), Rakim

Rakim - Outro (The 18th Letter) lyrics
"Oh yo you think Shorty bad? Yo I 'member this cat way back
Somebody might be tellin tellin they little son
Maybe maybe when I'm gone twenty years from now
apply yourself a certain way and you gotta do certain things y'know?
in like nineteen-ninety Kid named Rakim bananas" lyrics

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