RaeLynn lyrics

R, RaeLynn

Young, RaeLynn

RaeLynn - Young lyrics
And when you find love
You can risk the fall for nothing
One day you'll grow like everyone
'Cause when you are young
You can lose it all and still have something

R, RaeLynn

Always Sing, RaeLynn

RaeLynn - Always Sing lyrics
When you can't say a thing you can always sing
Go on and let your feet stomp till your heartbeat feels that beat drop
Yeah you just gotta stand up and make some noise
When life's got you feeling crazy wound up like a ukulele
When you start to think that maybe you don't have a voice

R, RaeLynn

Your Heart, RaeLynn

RaeLynn - Your Heart lyrics
You think you know
'Til somebody breaks your heart
No you don't know
Yeah you don't know who you are

R, RaeLynn

Better Do It, RaeLynn

RaeLynn - Better Do It lyrics
If you say it you better do it
You better do it
Better figure out what you're feelin'
My patience has hit the ceiling
Wants a little boy whose always afraid

R, RaeLynn

For a Boy, RaeLynn

RaeLynn - For a Boy lyrics
Come on tell me how boy
Say I'm the only one that makes you this crazy
But what you don't know what you don't know
Is what a girl like me would do for a boy like you lyrics
For a boy like you

R, RaeLynn

Kissin' Frogs, RaeLynn

RaeLynn - Kissin' Frogs lyrics
Cause right now there ain't nothing
Wrong with having fun and
Sittin' on this river log
Yeah I don't need a mister
(Right now it ain't my style)

R, RaeLynn

Love Triangle, RaeLynn

RaeLynn - Love Triangle lyrics
In a love triangle
Take forever to heart
Are loving in a straight line lyrics
And take a long sweet ride
Let their heart strings tear and tangle

R, RaeLynn

Boyfriend, RaeLynn

RaeLynn - Boyfriend lyrics
I want your boyfriend
Don’t worry I won’t take him cause I ain’t that low
I’ll be his girl when he tells you goodbye
I’m not gonna lie
Just thought you should know

R, RaeLynn

Jolene, RaeLynn

RaeLynn - Jolene lyrics
Jolene Jolene Jolene Jolene
I'm begging of you please don't take my man lyrics
Please don't take him just because you can
You could have your choice of men
But I could never love again


R, RaeLynn

Careless, RaeLynn

RaeLynn - Careless lyrics
I bet you'd be on your knees on that floor
If I said "get lost" if I slammed that door
You would care a little more
Maybe I should care less and be careless
I bet if I turned this heart off baby it would turn you on

R, RaeLynn

Lie (with Miranda Lambert), RaeLynn

RaeLynn - Lie (with Miranda Lambert) lyrics
Tell me that you need me baby
Tell me that you want me even if ya have to
Look me in the eye
Tell me that it feels right under this porch light
Oh the truth is I don't want the truth

R, RaeLynn

God Made Girls, RaeLynn

RaeLynn - God Made Girls lyrics
He stood back and told the boys "I'm 'bout to rock your world"
So God made girls God made girls lyrics
Somebody's gotta wear a pretty skirt
And God made girls
So God made girls lyrics

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