Safura lyrics

S, Safura

Drip Drop (Eurowizja 2010 Azerbejdżan), Safura

Safura - Drip Drop (Eurowizja 2010 Azerbejdżan) lyrics
These teardrops
Oh Oh
Can I trust in you forever through this?
Can I love you forever through this?
That drip drop drip drop


S, Safura

Runway, Safura

Safura - Runway lyrics
We’re runnin out of RUNWAY lyrics
You tell me we can try and work it out
Baby don’t lie to me
We got to start making choices cause we’re
We got our love but we don’t have a reason why

S, Safura

Gonna let you know, Safura

Safura - Gonna let you know lyrics
But tonight I'm gonna let you know
Gonna give my heart away
I will never ever let you go
Maybe it was worth the way
That it's why tonight I let you know lyrics

S, Safura

Don't let the morning come, Safura

Safura - Don't let the morning come lyrics
Please don’t let the morning come
I’m afraid you’ll go and disappear
I can see us turning into dust
We’ll belovers in the dark
So hold me unfold me

S, Safura

March on, Safura

Safura - March on lyrics
We’re gonna march
We’re gonna march on
We’re gonna march on on
Keep on marchin’ march on
We’re carved in time

S, Safura

Soulless, Safura

Safura - Soulless lyrics
You don't belong
You let me down down and now I'm feeling foolish you're soulless
This time you're out out 'cause noone leaves me clueless I'm soulless
You and I we got it wrong
This is your song

S, Safura

From her, from love, Safura

Safura - From her, from love lyrics
I sit and wait
Let her find me I am the one
Cause I got to
Looking for
She’s been fighting for

S, Safura

Too many times, Safura

Safura - Too many times lyrics
Too many times I’ve wondered
I wanna be the one
Why you had to go
Why there’s no bright side
Too many times I’ve tried

S, Safura

It's my war, Safura

Safura - It's my war lyrics
It’s my iron curtain that you’ll never bring down
Don’t try to disarm me lyrics
Can’t hide from my enemy now
Because it’s my war
The battles that blind me lyrics

S, Safura

Glass house, Safura

Safura - Glass house lyrics
That we’re about to break
We’re livin’ in a glass house
We’re livin in a glass house
I can see now
The earth’s about to quake

S, Safura

That means you don’t, Safura

Safura - That means you don’t lyrics
That means you don’t
You say I’m your world
feel this way
You say I’m the only one that makes you lyrics
You say that you can’t live life without me

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