Shpongle lyrics

S, Shpongle

No Turn Un-Stoned, Shpongle

Shpongle - No Turn Un-Stoned lyrics
I am I am
Ripping at the seams
Together we will float away away
Come drown with me in love's deep and shoreless sea
Float away

S, Shpongle

The Aquatic Garden Of Extra Celestial Delights, Shpongle

Shpongle - The Aquatic Garden Of Extra Celestial Delights lyrics
We're held together yet out of place
Beyond the veil lies a frequency lyrics
Suggesting a wisp of sweet ecstasy
Our topple our tumble our spiral from grace
The softest cushion for our fall

S, Shpongle

Brain in a Fishtank, Shpongle

Shpongle - Brain in a Fishtank lyrics
Holographic pyramids
Golden prisms we jump through lyrics
Were seen behind closed eyelids
It was like my brain was floating in a fish tank
I've never felt like that ever before

S, Shpongle

Connoisseur Of Hallucination, Shpongle

Shpongle - Connoisseur Of Hallucination lyrics
Connoisseur of hallucination
Hmm lyrics
I'm a

S, Shpongle

Turn Up The Silence, Shpongle

Shpongle - Turn Up The Silence lyrics
Woah I like this
I like it yeah!
Diving down yeah! lyrics

S, Shpongle

Electroplasm, Shpongle

Shpongle - Electroplasm lyrics
One two three
Desperate desperate desperate
Sobering sobering
That was a real experience wow lyrics

S, Shpongle

Shpongolese Spoken Here, Shpongle

Shpongle - Shpongolese Spoken Here lyrics
Just for the people
My my mind are drunk
This is unique in the head
This is the people
And good bye lyrics

S, Shpongle

Ineffable Mysteries, Shpongle

Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries lyrics
Utha thariya kooka
Suna koyala kooka
Reflected on the sand
A stranger in paradise
Entering Shpongleland

S, Shpongle

Invisible Man In A Fluorescent Suit, Shpongle

Shpongle - Invisible Man In A Fluorescent Suit lyrics
That's mad
It's quite a buzz
It's quite buzzy

S, Shpongle

Walking Backwards Though The Cosmic Mirror, Shpongle

Shpongle - Walking Backwards Though The Cosmic Mirror lyrics
Do you want to disappear?
Backwards through the mirror of the time travel
You're in Shpongleland again
Make yourself big make yourself small?
Everyone knows that!

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