Skywave lyrics

S, Skywave

Under The Moon, Skywave

Skywave - Under The Moon lyrics
Do you wanna see a movie?
We'll kiss for hours take it slow
You fell in love tonight
I fell in love tonight
And then I'll get the feeling to go

S, Skywave

Got That Feeling, Skywave

Skywave - Got That Feeling lyrics
And i got that feeling
Baby's got that feeling
Down down down inside
She's gone away
She just sits and stare

S, Skywave

Here She Comes, Skywave

Skywave - Here She Comes lyrics
Here she comes
Here she comes again oh yeah
Here she comes my way
Here she comes again
See you on a movie screen

S, Skywave

Sixteen, Skywave

Skywave - Sixteen lyrics
Cause never seen
Cannot take it anymore
What's a girl really for?
She asked me if I would ever fall lyrics
When I told you about it i hated it all

S, Skywave

Over And Over, Skywave

Skywave - Over And Over lyrics
Over and over
All this gone all this gone
Suicide could be the answer
Nothing can last forever
Climbing stars now I see the light

S, Skywave

Kiss, Skywave

Skywave - Kiss lyrics
Why should I care
All I need is a kiss
All I need is your love love
All I need is a smile
When you break my heart lyrics

S, Skywave

Nothing Left to Say, Skywave

Skywave - Nothing Left to Say lyrics
As far as i can see
The world is far from me
All that i can try
Fill my ears and eyes

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