Streetheart lyrics

S, Streetheart

Have It Your Way, Streetheart

Streetheart - Have It Your Way lyrics
And you will have it your way
That you must have it your way
Have it your way
So take your time play out your part
You gotta have a dream

S, Streetheart

Action, Streetheart

Streetheart - Action lyrics
Action action read all about it
Action it's slander read all about it
Forever forever
But not first to fight fight fight
Oh yeah I'm gonna find him

S, Streetheart

What Kind Of Love Is This, Streetheart

Streetheart - What Kind Of Love Is This lyrics
What kind of love is this?
Kind that keeps me standing in line
I need something to make me feel better
Again and again

S, Streetheart

Under My Thumb, Streetheart

Streetheart - Under My Thumb lyrics
Under my thumb
(I think I love ya I think I love ya)
To me here she come lyrics
The difference when she's spoken to
The difference in the clothes she wears


S, Streetheart

Hot Cherie, Streetheart

Streetheart - Hot Cherie lyrics
You're getting me hot Cherie
I want what you've got all over me
I'm ready to rock you long and rough
I'm going crazy
Hoping that I could make you mine

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