Lyrics letter "T"

T, The Wildhearts

There's Only One Hell, The Wildhearts

The Wildhearts - There's Only One Hell lyrics
Oh boy I got the joy of that now
I'd just forgotten how lonely
Well I'd forgotten being alone can
Set me free 'cos I remember the journey
Set me free just how much blood do you need?

T, The Wildhearts

It's All Up To Me, The Wildhearts

The Wildhearts - It's All Up To Me lyrics
I ain't about to let it be that'd be crazy
On you when it's all up to me lyrics
Reminded it seems a bit unkind that I blame it
When it's all up to me I just need to be
They say the harder they come they say the

T, The Wildhearts

Top Of The World, The Wildhearts

The Wildhearts - Top Of The World lyrics
Of the world the top of the
World where the sky's so blue
And the girls are so beautiful
You don't get no view
Like you do on the top

T, The Fixx

The Sign Of Fire, The Fixx

The Fixx - The Sign Of Fire lyrics
Always the sign is fire
Always the same desire
I'm being drawn by the heat
But if you're not alone -- I know your life is torn
Through the telephone -- I tried to reach you

T, Thompson Twins

Perfect Game, Thompson Twins

Thompson Twins - Perfect Game lyrics
Perfect game
Perfect game Perfect game
to keep playing the perfect game lyrics
Perfect eyes
They don't know what to call us

T, Thompson Twins

The Price, Thompson Twins

Thompson Twins - The Price lyrics
Some are children some are mothers
When I was young they said to me
Always saying what to do
Did this ever happen to you?
Some go this way some go others

T, Thompson Twins

Make Believe, Thompson Twins

Thompson Twins - Make Believe lyrics
I had a dream and the dream came true
But in the dark it was hard to see
That you were only make believe
I saw a ghost and the ghost was you
I draw a picture inside my head

T, Thompson Twins

When I See You, Thompson Twins

Thompson Twins - When I See You lyrics
Takin' some drug
All I can do
DrugDrug lyrics
Drug Drug

T, Trust

This Ready Flesh, Trust

Trust - This Ready Flesh lyrics
You can't believe it's nothing lyrics
What's he looking for?
I've never felt before
we believe it's nothing
we believe in nothing

T, Trust

Heaven, Trust

Trust - Heaven lyrics
Please feel free
To wipe them out
Around around
While I figure it out
Without a doubt

T, The Fixx

How Much Is Enough, The Fixx

The Fixx - How Much Is Enough lyrics
Time is slipping away
So give me your attention
When you live it wrong?
Hopeless being strong

T, The B-52's

Queen of Las Vegas, The B-52's

The B-52's - Queen of Las Vegas lyrics
Queen of Las Vegas
Queen of Las Vegas Queen of Las Vegas
She looked at me with a bittersweet smile
MY momma she grabbed my hand
Come here again

T, The B-52's

Trism, The B-52's

The B-52's - Trism lyrics
Go trism
Gotta keep movin'
Gotta-gotta-keep on
Gotta keep gotta keep movin' on

T, The B-52's

Nip it in the bud, The B-52's

The B-52's - Nip it in the bud lyrics
Wo Oh Oh Nip it in the bud
I'll just go do and beware ho oh ho oh
I don't care if you don't go
Oh I don't want to ruffle your feathers lyrics
I don't know I don't care

T, The B-52's

Cake, The B-52's

The B-52's - Cake lyrics
I am watching it drip down the sides
(If you want a better batter better beat it harder)
According to my recipe you put it on a slow bake
I said according to my recipe you put it on a slow bake lyrics
Done with the batter

T, The B-52's

Deep sleep, The B-52's

The B-52's - Deep sleep lyrics
You come walking over pillows and sheets
Our dreams entangled twisted by our heat
It's the coldest part of the night
Caught tight in the sheets lyrics
Walking backwards into the night

T, Tuomo

My Thing, Tuomo

Tuomo - My Thing lyrics
Just let me do my thing
Let someone else do the worrying
Let me do it
I won't be sad no more if you
Give me a song and let me sing

T, Tuomo

26, Tuomo

Tuomo - 26 lyrics
You'll look at me and smile and you'll say
Then one day when we've grown older
"Do you remember back when we were 26?
Do you remember how I used to reminisce
And look back on what I should have done

T, Tuomo

Don't Take It Too Hard, Tuomo

Tuomo - Don't Take It Too Hard lyrics
Don't take it too hard
'Cause we've all got our problems
Get together every boy and girl
And share your sweet consolation when you think you can't make it through
Young people around the world

T, Timeflies

Shades Of Grey, Timeflies

Timeflies - Shades Of Grey lyrics
I’m seein' shades of gray
And I used to be so superhuman but it seems I lost my cape
How could I be that I’m livin' so great externally when life’s burnin' me and internally
And I’ll put on a clinic I can see that you’re a cynic
Now I tried to exercise my demons but they’ve gotten out of shape

T, The Stone Foxes

Everybody Knows, The Stone Foxes

The Stone Foxes - Everybody Knows lyrics
you know it's driving me mad (everybody knows)
I'm a mad man with aheart
everybody knows everybody knows
I'm gonna tell myself applaud
Everybody knows everybody knows

T, The 11th Hour

The Death of Life, The 11th Hour

The 11th Hour - The Death of Life lyrics
Steeped in compunction
for leaving you all alone
These walls the house he'd built lyrics
under this marble stone
I'm left to agonize

T, TJ Davis

Work It Out, TJ Davis

TJ Davis - Work It Out lyrics
Work it out work it out
We've got to make it real
Let's work it out work it out
Talk about it (We've got to make it real)
Make it happen (We've got to make it real)

T, The Daze

Blizzard Woman Blues, The Daze

The Daze - Blizzard Woman Blues lyrics
Oh so take your business somewhere else little girl
You got to shift it in another gear hey
Oh and I know you were trying to settle the score
Your stormy weather ain't welcome here
Spin spin spin until you're all alone and lost

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